1. Elena to me: “Have you always been so nice to everybody?“
  2. Peter to Lin: “Will you come to my party tomorrow?“
  3. Jack to Jill: “This is my brother who loves me very much.“
  4. I to Lisa: “I don't have any money.“
  5. My father to me: “I'm going to learn to drive.“
  6. Paul to Peter: “I woke up feeling ill, so I didn't go to work.“
  7. “Stay in bed for a few days,“ the doctor said to me.
  8. “Don't shout,“ I said to Jim.
  9. “Please don't tell anybody what happened,“ Jackie said to me.
  10. Doris said:
    1. David works very hard.
    2. I can't drive.
    3. I don't like fish.
    4. I'm working tomorrow evening.
    5. Janis is a friend of mine.
    6. Janis has a well-paid job.
    7. I don't have any brothers or sisters.
    8. I've never been to France.

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