We use the Present Simple for:

-habits and routines:

ex.I go to the bowling club every Friday.

     The bowling coach doesn't work here in the summer.



ex.You become adult when you are eighteen.

     Do British people have ID cards?


ex.Lots of young people are sports fans.

     Teenagers often argue with adults.


STATE VERBS(seem,like,feel, etc) are usually in the Present Simple.

ex.You seem interested in photography.

     Do you prefer colour or black and white?


ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY(occasionally,often,never,always, etc) with Present Simple show how often things happen.We put them:


-before a main verb:

 ex.He occasionally goes to pop concerts.


-after to be

ex.She is often at home on Sundays evenings.


-between auxiliary(can,do,have,) and main verbs:

ex.We don't usually go to away games.

     You can always get a bad mark in the school.

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