Make one sentence out of each of these:

1.                 I knew "that he was poor. I offered to pay his fare.

2.        We barricaded the windows. We assembled in the hall.

3.        She hoped to find the document. She searched everywhere.

4.        She entered the room suddenly. She found them smoking .fin.

5.        He fed the dog. He sat down to his own dinner.

6.        I turned on the light. I was astonished at what I saw.

7.        He offered to show us the way home. He thought we were lost.

8.        We visited the museum. We decided to have lunch in the park.

9.        He was exhausted by his work. He threw himself on his bed.
10. The criminal removed all traces of his crime. He left the building.

Rewrite the following sentences:

1.                 Waiting for a bus, a brick fell on my head.

2.        Having paid my parking fine, the judge dismissed me with a


3.        Driving along the road, an upturned lorry came into view.

4.        Being rotten, he threw the fruit away. 

5.        Having reached the summit, the view was splendid.

6.        Walking in from the darkness, a dazzling white statue of Abraham

Lincoln greets you^

7.  Looking out of the window of our hotel room, there were lots of


8.        Although „a Protestant, the Pope received me most graciously.

9.        Being stolen, the Bank of England refused to honor the banknote.

10.  Walking along the edge of the lake, a fish suddenly jumped out of

the water.

11. Hopping from one tired foot to the other, our bus finally appeared. 12. Having broken both its front legs, they carried the dog to the vet. 13. Being of fragile material, the boys in the football team are having

a hard time keeping their kit in good condition,

14. While sailing round the bay, the wind shifted suddenly.

15. Israel has developed a bulletproof helmet for soldiers made of